All About the Band

The Brass Connection has been around since 1980.  The first edition of TBC was lead by Rich Benkowski. The band was made of a group of musicians that formed their own band after playing with Bruno Mikos and the Harmony Stars. 

During the early years, TBC was known for their cutting edge style and pioneered much of the sound that has become what we know Chicago-style polka music to be today. 

TBC, the new generation, has been together since 1990 under the leadership of Frankie Liszka. This latest edition of T.B.C. has released nine new recordings to date. The band performs regularly at all major polka festivals throughout the country and our endeavours have taken us to 14 states and 2 countries.

Today's edition of TBC is a fine tuned version of those early years, combining familiar melodies with new, all delivered with that distinctive TBC sound. 

Click here for our most recent photos while out and about.


Current Members
Frankie Liszka
  David Walter
  Steve Binkiewicz
  Brad Boskovitch
  Vinny Bozzarelli
  Steve Zelenak

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