Steve Binkiewicz ("Bink")

Key Statistics:
Place of birth: Steubenville, OH
Currently Resides: Brimfield, OH
Lovelife: Married to Jackie (Ketchmark) Binkiewicz 3/11/00
Children: Brooke Ann (06/2004)
Instruments: Trumpet, Clarinet

Beyond the Glory:
How did you get involved with polkas?
"I had no choice! My father played accordian in his band called "Polka Barons." I would go with him to the jobs to set up & tear down while peddling albums for a fee [young business man], in which I remember seeing Marion Lush performing at a dance with my father's band in Stuebenville, OH. And of course, polkas were always played at home - so you see, no choice, it was imbedded into me! I was nearing the age of 15 when my father needed a trumpet player and bah-da-bing, bah-da-boom, there I was on stage playing with my fathers band and hooked ever since."
When did you start playing an instrument?
"Around 8 years old. I would get my oldest brother Bill's horn out and dabble with it and ended up liking it. I played trumpet all through my school years in band and first attempted playing clarinet around 1986."
What is your most treasured memory?
"Re-recording the 'Barons Polka'with TBC on the 1999 album that my father wrote and recorded in the late 60's, and also performing with the Dynatones before Scrubby retired".
What bands have you played with?
1983 - 1988 Polka Barons
1988 - 1989 Bruno Mikos & The Harmony Stars
1990 - 1991 Freddy Bulinski & The Brass Works
1991 - present Frankie Liszka & The Brass Connection
Also performed with The Dynatones, Tower City Drive and had the honor of playing a few songs with the Trel Tones in the early years of my career. Thanks guys!

1992 TBC The New Generation - WRS
1992 compilation with TBC A Very Merry Polka Christmas - WRS
1993 TBC Blue Magic - WRS
1994 TBC Down Through The Years - WRS
1995 TBC From The Heart Of It All - WRS
1997 TBC Our Polka Hero - Ethnic World
1998 TBC This time - Ethnic World
1999 TBC 1999 - Ethnic World
2001 TBC How Blue - Ethnic World
2003 TBC Polkas For A New Age - Ethnic World

What is your favorite recording that you recorded on?
"Made in America and Blue Magic."
What are your favorite bands and which ones had the greatest influence on you?
"Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones, Lenny Gomulka, The Sounds, TBC, Dynatones, Magitones. All were influential in their own way."
Who are your favorite instrumentalists?
"Lenny Gomulka, Jimmy Weber, Joe Dyptiatic."
Who are your favorite vocalists?
"Eddie Blazonczyk Sr., Frank Liszka, Lenny Gomulka."
What is your favorite album?
"'Face the Music'- Magitones (love the horns Costa!)"
Final Note:
"I'd like to thank my father, Bruno Mikos, Freddy Bulinski and all the members of TBC that have been such a pleasure to work with and become such good friends of mine."

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