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Greetings from the Cruise Recovery Zone.  As anyone that was aboard could tell you, the Dynatones / T.B.C. cruise was out of this world. Many have asked for details so I figured this may be an appropriate way to spread the word. All the guys and girls from T.B.C and
The Dynatones along with 170 or so wild and crazy polka people set sail from the Gulf of Mexico port of Houston on April 19 aboard the Norwegian Star for 7 nights of polka
anything a go goes.  We were immediately well received with an embarking
party around the pool located at the very rear of the ship.  All those new to
cruise life watched as the land faded away to a surround of blue sea.

Immediately there was a lot of controversy regarding the optional "drink package" that was offered to all polka people as a part of the cruise.  Many were skeptical prior to even stepping on the ship.  Nevertheless, after some clarification a few days into the cruise from the director responsible for Bars and Lounges, it was a reality. All those that had purchased the bar package enjoyed unlimited cocktails for the initial $220, when a $800 - $1000 bar bill at the end of a cruise is not out of the ordinary I'm told.

I got the inside scoop from the Assistant Cruise Director on board that their expectations of polka people were blown out of the water.  They figured it to be a quiet cruise as the ship was not completely full and these polka people must surely all be elderly and reserved.  Many of the staff members commented on their delight and surprise to service such a fun loving bunch of people and said they would surely miss us.
The first two days were spent at sea and the weather was very nice. Every morning (or afternoon depending on your night owl status) most polka people could be found sun bathing around the pool, enjoying tropical

Both bands played Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  Each night the music went from 8:30 to 12:30 or so.  Then it was off to the "Disco Lounge" for all the night owls to get jiggy with it.  This lounge was actually open until 4:30 or so as long as there were patrons.  What were they thinking? Of course the lounge was filled with mostly polka people each night.

The ports of call were the Islands of Calica, Cozumel and Roattan, Honduras.  If there were any complaints, it was regarding the condition of these islands. Calica is in the process of being built up to accommodate tourism and therefore limited in its attractions.  Cozumel was too commercial, and to enjoy Roattan, you had to endure a 20-minute ride through a poverty-stricken zone.   However, fun was found, when looked for, on all of these ports of call.

There were so many planned activities on board as well as latenight theme buffets, this Rambling could go on forever (too late), but overall, the service was excellent, the food extravagant and the good times a plenty!!!

A special musical treat was had by all on the last night, last set of the Dynatones ... the notorious "Show Set."  Famous and fabulous Chicago bass man Lenny Kapka and the legendary concertina master Wally Maduzia performed with The Dynatones ... capping a perfect ending to a perfect cruise.  Thanks for the memories guys!!!!

Cruise Statistics

Luckiest Cruiser:  Richie Tokarz
Most cruise "hardships": Wielke Tata
Loudest muffler: Scrubby
Most Popular Shooter: Mind Eraser (I think, I don't quite remember)
Most Unusual Article of Clothing: Latex Underwear
Most popular cruise sayings: "Whoopee" and "Ohhhhh Noooooo"
Most popular beer - Miller Lite
Most exposure - Mike Denton
Most dangerous animal - Parrot at Senor Frogs
Most drinks ordered - Brian Kapka (12:59:59 04/25/98)
Favorite Bartender - Roderick

Cruise Line Firsts

First Norwegian Cruise to ever run out of a kind of beer.
Bars normally stocked 3 times a week had to be stocked 2 times a night.

Let's Do it Again

Both bands have been inundated with requests for information on the next
cruise which is in the works.  Click here to see details on the cruise
of the millenium!!!

A Note Of Thanks

The Brass Connection and The Dynatones sincerely thank all those people
that sailed along with us for making our first cruise so memorable.

Congratulations To Dynatones Horn-Man

Mike Burka & Annie Sennikoff

on their engagement while sailing the seas.

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