Bradford P. Boskovitch

Key Statistics:
Place of birth: Uniontown, PA - July 25, 1977
Hometown: Uniontown, PA
Other Places You've Lived: Uniontown, PA
Favorite Place To Live: Uniontown, PA
Instruments: Drums
Favorite Instrument you play: Drums
Where did you learn to play your favorite instrument: Uniontown, PA
Beyond the Glory:
How did you get involved with polkas?
"Being that my family was polish, polkas was the music of choice on Sundays or any day for that matter, birthdays, holidays, etc. Growing up, although I listened to other types of music, polka music was what I knew. My parents would take me to Seven Springs, Fiedors Grove or other polka dances and I would just stand and watch the drummer. Every now and again I would get a chance to sit in with the band. Once I started taking lessons, all I wanted to do was play in a polka band. Then when I was 17 years old, I finally got my first job playing with Common Bond."
When did you start playing an instrument?
"I was 7 years old when I started playing the drums. I can remember my dad taking me to Miccarelli's music store so I could look at the drums. The drums always fascinated me but I never thought of taking lessons. But while I was looking at the kits, my dad had signed me up to take lessons. At the time, I didn't like the idea. After almost 20 years of playing, it was one of the best things to happen."
What bands have you played with?
1995-1997 Common Bond
2000 - present TBC
Also performed with The Polish Six Pack, Vibrations, Dynasonics, The New Tradition, Jolly Rich and The Polka Stars.

2003 TBC "Polkas For A New Age"

What is your favorite recording that you recorded on?
"Polkas For A New Age."
What are your favorite bands and which ones had the greatest influence on you?
"Versatones, Sounds, TBC."
Who are your favorite instrumentalists?
"Jerry Tokarz, Ralph Sabatini, Bobby Zima, Brian Dryzga, Matt Lewandowski"
Who are your favorite vocalists?
"Eddie Blazonczyk Sr., Frankie Liszka, Richie Kois, Vinny Bozzarelli"

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