Frankie Liszka

Key Statistics:
Place of birth: Greenville, PA
Lovelife: Married to Denise (married ??/??/??)
Children: Andy, Timothy, Nicholas, Daniel
Instruments: Trumpet, Bass

Beyond the Glory:
How did you get involved with polkas?
When did you start playing an instrument?
Of the instruments that you play, which is your favorite?
What bands have you played with?
1990 - Present TBC
Also performed with The Dynatones, Marion Lush, Stas Golanka, Lil' Wally, Henny & The Versa J's and Ray Jay & The Carousels.

1992 TBC The New Generation - WRS
1992 compilation with TBC A Very Merry Polka Christmas - WRS
1993 TBC Blue Magic - WRS
1994 TBC Down Through The Years - WRS
1995 TBC From The Heart Of It All - WRS
1996 TBC Made In America - WRS
1997 TBC Our Polka Hero - Ethnic World
1998 TBC This time - Ethnic World
1999 TBC 1999 - Ethnic World
2001 TBC How Blue - Ethnic World
2003 TBC Polkas For A New Age - Ethnic World

What is your favorite recording that you recorded on?
What are your favorite bands and which ones had the greatest influence on you?
Who are your favorite instrumentalists?
Who are your favorite vocalists?

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