TBC would like to welcome one of the greatest reed players in the history of polka music, Mr. Eddie Siwiec. Eddie brings with him creativity, unquestionable musical and vocal ability, and years of experience as a musician performing with the
likes of Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones, The Dynasticks and Prime Drive and most recently TPM.
Key Statistics:
Place of birth: Dearborn, MI (hometown of Henry Ford)
Lovelife: engaged to Polka Shirley
Instruments: clarinet, sax and trumpet

Beyond the Glory:
How did you get involved with polkas?

"As a child, my three sisters and I were members of a Polish National Alliance folk dance group (Lodge 2525). I was always intrigued by the band at Polish weddings and after seeing Happy Louie at a polka picnic I was hooked."
When did you start playing an instrument?
"In the 4th grade. I wanted to play trumpet but my mother persuaded me to play clarinet." She said "You can play your sisters clarinet." My sister Carol had switched to playing the piano and the accordion. No regrets. I later taught myself the trumpet after joining the Dynasticks."
Of the instruments that you play, which is your favorite?
"Hmmmm, clarinet or tenor sax. It depends on the type of music, the song, the arrangement, and group I'm working with. I guess I'm most fond of the tenor sax."
What bands have you played with?
1968 - 1970 The Intervals
1970 - 1972 The Sterling
1972 - 1973 The PolkaNotes
1973 - 1980 The Dynasticks (Dynastics)
1980 - 1987 Stas Golonka & the Chicago Masters
1987 - 1991 The Dynasticks (Dynastics)
1991 - 1994 Prime Drive
1994 - 1997 Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones
1997 - 1998 Polka Family and others
1998 - 2004 Toledo Polka Motion
2004 - The Brass Connection
Also performed with Lil' Wally, Marion Lush, Chicago Push, The Beat, Wanda & Stephanie, Jersey Polka Richie, Ray Jay & The Carousels, Crusade, Jan Lewan, Power Supply, DynaDukes, Brass Express, Don Cialkoszewski, Bob Zielinski, Big Daddy Lackowski and many more.

1978 Dynasticks Detroit's Spirit of Polkas
1981? Dynasticks Take Another Look
1981 Dyna Dukes Not Your Average Polka Band
1985 Stas Golonka Hooked on Honkey
1989 Dynasticks Back On Track
1992? Prime Drive Overdrive
1994 Versatones Always, Forever, & A Day
1995 Versatones Better Than Ever
1996 Versatones Music Music Music
1998 TPM No Illusion
2000 TPM Timeless
2001 TPM The Beat Goes On
additions coming ...

What is your favorite recording that you recorded on?
"Back On track - The Dynasticks"
What are your favorite bands and which ones had the greatest influence on you?
"The Cadillac Sound of Polka Music" THE TONES
Who are your favorite instrumentalists?
"Lenny Gomulka, Dennis Polisky"
Who are your favorite vocalists?
"Happy Louie, Eddie Blazonczyk Sr., Stas Golonka, Marion Lush"

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